Database Archiving

Continuous database archiving: If archiving jobs are too large for one day

Chronos, Database Archiving

Chronos allows for individual splitting of an archiving day into several archiving packages


CSP GmbH & Co. KG has developed a module for the database archiving software Chronos that makes it possible to split the archiving process of an archiving day. The continuous archiving solution can be acquired as a license expansion and offers the possibility of another archiving mode. This has the advantage that very large archiving data sets can be archived in small time slices.

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Database archiving meets Amazon

Chronos, Database Archiving

Amazon S3 and Chronos V5 now offer perfect interaction for successful archiving


For some time now, a de facto standard has become prevalent in the world of storage systems: Amazon S3. The mail order company Amazon started its storage web service in 2011. The success story of this product is overwhelming. Numerous reputable companies have been counting on S3 ever since and store their data in this highly available cloud solution.

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Preventing product liability damages: Reducing risks through preventive measures and process documentation

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance

Anwalt1_ENHigh costs and reputation damages from production deficiencies can be effectively avoided. Measures such as batch tracking and process monitoring protect against third-party claims.


The combination of preventive measures as well as the documentation and regular analysis of production data helps producing companies protect themselves against product liability claims. Read More

External control: Starting procedures of database archiving Chronos with external tools

Chronos, Database Archiving

HF15-57-107Chronos 4.12 simplifies the work of administrators and users through new functions. Modules CronSender and AppStateR available as license extensions.


The latest Version 4.12 of Chronos, the standard software for database archiving, is now available. The solution developed by CSP GmbH & Co. KG makes the archiving process and cooperation with linked applications even easier now. Read More

The 6 golden rules for handling process data in production

Chronos, Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance, Worker Guidance

- gesamt sw_ENFault-free production according to the “Poka-Yoke” principle is the focus for the software manufacturer CSP.


Errors in production can be extremely costly for the manufacturing industry. CSP GmbH & Co. KG has now prepared a list of the golden rules that must be followed in production monitoring and thus reliable and largely fault-free manufacturing. Read More

Easier search and administration of long-term archives

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Worker Guidance

CHRONOS_CSP_version _4.10CSP GmbH & Co. KG updated its database archiving solution Chronos to latest version 4.10 adding various optimizations


CSP’s solution for database archiving Chronos is now available in its latest version 4.10. With the help of Chronos, companies gain legal security by archiving database contents, control their database growth and reduce costs. The software maker based in Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria has further improved the software in its latest release, offering easier application for administrators and users. Highlights of the update include an optimized search specifically for the tree structure of the Chronos Archive Explorer with a filter for forms and description pages as well as a status page listing clear information for quick bug fixing for the support. This includes, e.g., the status of the Chronos Server relevant for the web client. Another improvement is the introduction of multi-parameters and parameter groups. In addition, several users can now use the Chronos Web Designer simultaneously without losing any settings. Read More