Consistent quality control

Tuesday May 2nd, 2017Quality Assurance

Record torque, torque angle, and different types of measuring points. Manufacturer-independent quality data collection in production: CSP GmbH & Co. KG records fastening processes and further measuring values with their CAQ solution QS-Torque.


Auswertungen mit QS Torque Wahrscheinlichkeitsbild Häufigkeitsbild Einzelwertkarte Prüfgerät

CAQ software QS-Torque as a modular solution supports manufacturers with consistent quality controls from development through production to maintenance. The software reliably inspects processes and tools in production. Aside from tightening technique, other measuring points with several different measuring values, such as length, can be defined. QS-Torque enables producers to ensure that all process steps in manufacturing a product are within predefined tolerances and the possibilities of the tools utilized have been used to their full potential.


All master and test data are documented


All values of master and test data are stored in the QS-Torque database during the production process. Then, the software records, saves and historicizes the data. The product life cycle of a tightening process or other measuring point can thus be reconstructed in a database at any time and for years to come. Of course, the data may be evaluated as desired – e.g. in the context of quality audits – to continuously achieve quality optimization in production.


Meet the security requirements


Many customers of CSP have already utilized QS-Torque for years. “QS-Torque supports manufacturing companies in the recording of any relevant measuring values and administration of those values in a database. This way, it is easily possible at any time to prove that the target values were met in production and/or that measuring values relevant for quality of the products were within tolerance thresholds. This is essential for, e.g. product liability“, explains CSP managing director Hermann Pellkofer.


Own module for the topic of rivets


Since the topic of rivets keeps gaining importance in modern production again, the module “rivets“ enables the connection of testing devices for riveting tools with QS-Torque. The patented rivet-tester by CSP allows for the testing of riveted connections and riveting tools like rivet guns and rivet nut setting tools. The results are also documented by QS-Torque.


Expansions possible


“The rivet tester thus provides even more quality, since tools and riveted connections are reliably tested and the responsible persons can react much faster in case of defects“, says Hermann Pellkofer. “If customers have special circumstances in their production which they would like to cover with our CAQ software, expansions are always possible upon close consultation.”