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Tuesday December 8th, 2015General

    Wachstums_siegel_Statista_included_snippedCSP GmbH & Co. KG in Großköllnbach is one of the German companies with the biggest growth of turnover and employees. CSP’s outstanding figures won them a spot in this year’s ranking “Growth Champions 2016”. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of employees was more than doubled and turnover with international top customers in the manufacturing, commerce and service industries has increased steadily. News magazine FOCUS together with Statista, one of the largest online statistics portal, honors the fastest-growing companies in Germany with the award “Growth Champion 2016”. In the ranking, CSP scored place 28 of 80 companies in the IT, internet, software and services segment. Across all industries, CSP ranked 225 out of 500 listed companies.

    CSP’s staff alone has risen to more than 50 employees since 2011. It is remarkable that the software provider is not doing any outsourcing despite its large international clientele. The software is being developed solely at the company headquarters in Großköllnbach, Bavaria. The company specializes in software for quality assurance based on measuring data in the manufacturing process as well as solutions for database archiving. Especially the solution for Integrated Process Data Management, IPM, which ensured a substantial increase in turnover since the beginning of 2015, greatly contributed en route to becoming a “Growth Champion 2016”. The software monitors information relevant to product liability in the factory, helping to achieve overall quality improvement.



    In the second half of 2015, the software provider continued to grow with the support of IPM PG module “position recognition” as a decisive factor in sales increase. It is a new module designed to precisely determine the position of tools for bolting processes, and also to ensure a safe picking process for staff within production guidance.



    The selection criteria for the award are the net turnover from business activities, an independent legal form and a privately held company (no stock market listing) as well as headquarters in Germany. The ranking honors the special achievements of these companies, contributing important growth impulses to the economy as well as society and emerging as innovators, therefore strengthening Germany as a business location.



    With international clients in the automotive industry and other large manufacturing, service and commerce companies, CSP has achieved a steady increase in turnover for years, securing the most important figure for the award. “We are proud to be able to give important impulses in the market as part of an innovative industry. Especially our software solutions and our concepts for the industry 4.0 are true growth motors right now. We see ourselves as important pioneers in implementing this vision”, Mario Täuber, CEO at CSP, said on winning the award.



    The following video gives you an overview of CSP’s current scope of services: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B53BZGkVPM



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH