Continuous database archiving: If archiving jobs are too large for one day

Monday November 6th, 2017Chronos, Database Archiving

    Chronos allows for individual splitting of an archiving day into several archiving packages


    CSP GmbH & Co. KG has developed a module for the database archiving software Chronos that makes it possible to split the archiving process of an archiving day. The continuous archiving solution can be acquired as a license expansion and offers the possibility of another archiving mode. This has the advantage that very large archiving data sets can be archived in small time slices.

    Continuous database archiving

    In a department of a well-known automobile manufacturer that archives malfunction tickets (defects) every day, more than 2.5 million tickets were checked as being completed on a single day. On an average day, about 2,000 tickets are completed. The consequence here was that the archiving job could not archive all the data at one time. This was due on the one hand to a daily connection interruption of the database and on the other hand to the fact that the installed hardware had not been dimensioned for an archiving job of this magnitude. By activating the continuous archiving solution, this large archiving day could be split up into several jobs and thus into many small archiving packages. A variable wherein you can specify the number of data sets per archiving process, ensures a controlled splitting of the archiving packages. Consequently, an unusually large archiving day could be post-archived in little slices without any problems.


    The module is also utilized by many other clients who archive measurement and manufacturing data and thus very large amounts of data every day. Since the server storages are better balanced due to the repeated archiving every day, a better operating performance and a more stable system can be offered.


    If you are interested, this video offers a variety of further information on Chronos.