Navigation systems for rail vehicle production

Tuesday November 15th, 2016Worker Guidance

    At Stadler Winterthur, the worker guidance IPM PG by CSP is in use the mobile way in assembly


    hf16-49-109_700pxThe rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler Winterthur AG from Switzerland counts on a mobile component in the quality assurance process. The software IPM PG, a solution by CSP GmbH & Co. KG, leads the workers in assembly through individual operating sequences and thus ensures a consistent quality standard. At Stadler Winterthur, the software runs on tablets, where the operating steps are shown by means of pictures. This means that, during assembly, the worker can specifically complete the instructions of IPM PG directly on the bogie of trains. At the same time, IPM PG wirelessly communicates with the individual tools to be used. After a process is finished, the employee acknowledges it. This therefore also reduces the occurrence of errors – and without the requirement of additional training, even when assembling new variants.


    CSP convinced the Stadler-Winterthur-team with its solution after a different application for documentation of assembly processes had previously been in use. When choosing IPM PG, it was important that the solution is manufacturer-neutral and thus works together with systems and tools from different manufacturers. Any kind of data and information can be fed to the software. This means that IPM PG offers the potential for being used in many other areas all over the company. At the same time, processes are optimally secured and documented.


    Aside from the mobile usage, it was especially important to the rail vehicle manufacturer that all inspections are automatically documented. This is especially relevant for reasons of product liability: In production, a complete documentation of all processes and inspections is required to ensure that individual screw joints are still traceable even years later.


    IPM PG is a solution that enables companies to easily and efficiently realize a zero-error strategy. The usage of certain tools for defined processes, the utilization of correct components in assembly, a defined order of operating steps and many inspection mechanisms guarantee a high quality in production. Errors that might arise due to manual operations are prevented in particular. Among others, the workers are instructed and supported in the production processes by on-screen notifications, position detection of tools in three-dimensional space and pick-to-light.


    awb-stadler-winterthur_stadler-rail-ag_ec250_700pxProject Leader Ronny Böhler looks back contentedly upon the cooperation with the CSP-team: “High flexibility and a smooth workflow: Discussing and realizing this project within Stadler Winterthur AG has worked flawlessly. We will further intensify this cooperation in the future.”


    As an alternative to tablets, the solution is often also used on workplace PCs in assembly. But regardless of whether mobile or stationary: resources can be saved in production in particular with regard to the training and instruction of workers. Lack of attention of routine workers or lack of knowledge of new workers are of no consequences if there is a change in the work process: IPM PG will securely navigate ever worker through the respective work process.


    The complete application report of Stadler Winterthur AG can be requested by e-mail at: info@csp-sw.de.



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH