Preventative Quality Assurance for Screw Joints

    VDI-WFAt the 2016 VDI professional conference on screw fastening technologies, taking place on 7 and 8 June 2016, CSP GmbH & Co. KG is presenting a portfolio of solutions for preventing errors and defects during production processes.


    Großköllnbach, Germany, 27 April 2016. Preventative quality assurance solutions as applied for production processes will be presented by CSP GmbH & Co. KG in early June at the 2016 VDI professional conference on screw fastening technologies in Munich, Germany. At their booth, the software manufacturer will showcase the IPM integrated process data management solution, the IPM PG worker guidance solution, as well as the QS-Torque CAQ solution. The rivet bench test will also be shown, which, together with the “Rivets” QS-Torque module, serves as a basis for assessing riveting tools and rivet joints. By using CSP solutions, manufacturers can protect themselves in particular from product liability claims, due to the comprehensive functions offered for quality assurance. During individual conversations at their booth, the Großköllnbach-based software provider will share information on the topic of product liability throughout the conference.


    Particularly close attention is paid to screw joints as well as to rivet joints in vehicle manufacturing, since a large proportion of such joints has an impact on personal and passenger safety. Depending on the screw torque classification, certain actions are required to recognize possible errors or defects early on. Processes can be secured during the production process by means of CSP solutions in such a way as to make errors or defects in part recognisable even before they actually occur, for instance based on measuring data.


    This allows for preventative measures to be taken quickly. Similarly, it is important that faulty component joints are reworked and all errors corrected, so as to ensure that no vehicles with product defects enter the sales process. It is for this reason that technology, cost efficiency and quality assurance are the three main aspects of CSP’s presentation.


    The rivet bench test completes CSP’s offer, pointing the way to price-competitive alternatives in the area of component joints while fulfilling safety and quality requirements at a comparable level.


    “Our software products are frequently used in the context of zero-error production in vehicle manufacturing and are the leading market solution in terms of functionality. Depending on the task at the respective production line, the goal is to be effective in avoiding errors or defects by taking technical measures or, based on measuring data, to detect such errors very early on during the production process. Our solutions with their many specialised modules reliably cover these requirements. We would be happy to discuss current customer examples during the VDI professional conference,” CSP Managing Director, Hermann Pellkofer, explains.


    As with earlier dates of the VDI professional conference on screw fastening technologies, screw joints as essential elements for safe and efficient assembly are again in the spotlight. This production area is characterised by high quantities, complex technical criteria in relation to component joints, short production cycles, as well as ever higher requirements in terms of speed and flexibility. The conference programme is extremely varied and, in addition to technical and technological issues and innovations, in particular also includes legal aspects.


    Information can also be found at http://bit.ly/VDI-Fachtagung



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH