IPM – and errors don’t stand a chance


Tighten the screw and you’re ready to go – it’s not quite as simple as that during production. Manufacturing processes are often very complex and therefore prone to errors, however mostly unnoticed. This may lead to problems if high quality standards have to be met.


IPM helps you become a pioneer in terms of product quality, because our integrated process data management IPM collects all measurement and process data, regardless of the tool model, and identifies errors in the production process early on.


In case of discrepancies from the process, the system will notify you in real-time. This allows you to intervene immediately, sustainably increase your products’ quality and reliably protect your company from product recalls and damage to your corporate image. IPM collects all process data, e.g. torque or press-in values, in a life cycle file and therefore guarantees access to the data in several years’ time in case you need this information due to legal provisions or internal requirements.


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IPM_Modular quality management for your production processes, jointing processes and tightening data