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QS-Torque – because quality has a name


Exactly and tightly fastened? Used the right tools? Filling volumes as specified? Correct label at the right location …? From now on, you will reassuredly answer “yes” with QS-Torque!


QS-Torque reliably examines processes and tools in your production. Due to this kind of quality assurance, only first-class products leave your company.


How does it work? Individually defined measuring points manage various measurement units in the production of your products – regardless of the bolting technology used. With QS-Torque you can be sure that all process steps in the production of your products have lied within tolerance limits defined by you (process capability test) and that your tools work as intended (machine capability test).


Since all master data, e.g. for measuring points, tools and test devices, will be accessible years later, you’re on the safe side in terms of product liability.


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