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QS-Torque offers the following functions

Full licence

Tool licence

Process licence

Master data administration

Bolting positions x x x
Assignment of files and images x x x
Tool models and tools x x
Test tools x x x
Tool change x x
Tool position x x
Tolerance classes x x x
Status x x x
Non-working days x x x
Editing structure tree x x x
List of deleted data x x x
Help tables e.g. for tool head, cost center, sensor x x x
Parameter sets x x
Tool finder x x


Route administration x


(only for rotating tool test)

Route combination x x
Programming / reading test devices x


(only for rotating tool test)

Manual input x x x
Entering object data x x
Archiving / backup function x x x

Statistics, e.g. with single values chart, statistical characteristics, frequency image

MFU / MCT (machine capability test) x x
Tool monitoring (sample tests) x x
PFU / PCT (process capability test) x x
Process reviews x x
Rotating test x x x
Station data (MCT and rotating) x x
Evaluation Cp / Cpk x x x


List of pending tests x x x
Inspection plan and report for:

  • bolting positions





  • tool tests
x x
  • rotating tests
x x
History for:

  • bolting position







  • tool, tool model
x x
  • test device
x x x
Evaluation master data x x x
Area selection x x x
Comments list x x x
Evaluation of tested bolting positions x x
List of last serial test x x
Route assignment x x
Performed tests x x x
Overview MCTs x x
Parameter changes x x x

Administration in main program

Shift administration x x x
Recycle bin and archive x x x
Free selection of field names x x x


User, group and rights administration x x x


Basic configuration and extension of functions in QS-Torque with optional modules and settings x x x