QST Monitoring – An image says more than 1,000 values

Wednesday February 1st, 2017Quality Assurance

Quite often, it is rather difficult to keep track of test results of several different fastening data. The QS-Torque module “QST Monitoring” supports you here.


QST Monitoring - übersichtliche und bildliche Darstellung von Prüfdaten aus dem Schraubprozess

It enables the compilation of test data sets from several random bolting positions on one sheet and the depiction of the results of quality inspections in charts.


QST Monitoring thereby takes a look at the results of one kind of inspection at a time. Connecting the data with an image of the inspected component, the software shows exactly where the tested bolting position is located. The corresponding statistics is also automatically allocated to this bolting position.

The advantages of QST Monitoring:

  • Fast overview of important or especially crucial components and their assembly process
  • Clearly arranged charts of the measured results of bolting positions on a single sheet
  • Increase in product quality and security since exact statistics uncover errors at first sight


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