“Very pleased as always” – after their audit, TÜV Süd repeatedly attests the high level of information security at software producer CSP

Wednesday January 11th, 2017General

    CSP GmbH & Co. KG and CSP IT-Business GmbH have this year once again been certified pursuant to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by TÜV Süd Management GmbH.


    TUEV PruefzeichenThis is already the 12th time in a row that TÜV Süd has acknowledged the constantly high information security standard of the company. For customers of CSP, this means more security during project planning, development and in the end also while using the software. By meeting the requirements, CSP guarantees e.g. the security of client data by storage that is protected against access and secure data transfer by using share accesses. In order to manage the requirements of the ISO-standard even faster and easier, one additional administrator has supported the CSP team since the last year. From the management of CSP to trainees and external staff, everyone lives the procedure. Every employee at CSP receives a training right after employment and repeats this training once a year. Important changes in the security concept are immediately communicated to all staff members by the information security representative Michaela Cocev. She also checks regularly whether all requirements are met. This leads to a continuous improvement of job quality on the one hand, and has a favorable impact on a trusting customer relationship on the other hand.


    “Manufacturing companies and companies from the financial and services sector are already very sensitive when it comes to data security. Since many of our clients are from these industries, we are also interested in a high level of data security. We are proud to belong to the few software producers and IT-service companies that fulfill the high requirements of ISO 27001”, says Mario Täuber, managing director at CSP.