IPM PG worker guidance secures assembly processes at Stadler Winterthur AG

Thursday August 18th, 2016Worker Guidance

    AWB Stadler Winterthur_Stadler Rail AG_EC250Mobile quality assurance for rail vehicle production
    Stadler Rail AG is an internationally operating rail vehicle manufacturer based in Switzerland and brings high-quality trains with maximum precision to the tracks for their customers. The economically best solution is created by employing leading-edge technology. Reliability, quality, adherence to deadlines and partnership are the values the company follows. The IPM PG software is an important element of the quality assurance in Stadler’s production. This solution leads the workers through individual operating sequences and thus ensures a consistent quality standard.


    “For reasons of product liability, screwing processes in the production require exact inspections and a complete documentation. This ensures that the individual screw joints are still traceable years later,” says Ronny Böhler, head of bogie assembly and surface treatment at Stadler Winterthur AG.
    Manufacturer neutrality trumps manufacturer-specific application


    At the start of the project, it was of particular relevance to the company that a practical solution is found within a short period of time. The solution should be manufacturer-neutral and work with systems and tools from different manufacturers. Securing the processes according to the highest safety standards and documenting this quality was one of the objectives. The assembly team uses 13 modern test wrenches with integrated WiFi technology for the new assembly of bogies in order to manage and assess measured data such as torques from screwing processes. Two small test wrenches and one big test wrench are linked to a tablet computer.


    The previous software by the manufacturer of the WiFi-based torque wrenches had simply reached its limits having to deal with the predominant complex processes: A test wrench saves up to 1000 data sets which must be read and assessed daily. With the previous software, this information resulted in huge tables of data, which for the most part were neither understood nor really needed by the users. Therefore, the objective of securing the quality and documenting the processes in a comprehensible way was not achieved. But a new solution was quickly found following the recommendation of a project partner.



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH


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